Come to The Well
Come to The Well
Posted on December 15th, 2015

Welcome, New Yorkers, to the grand re-opening of your urban oasis for health and healing.   Here we will be glad to support you, all of you.  Holistic health is when your body is of sound structural health, chemical health, and mental-emotional health.   At The Well we address all of your health needs by focusing on first how the body was created to work.  God created each one of us with a master control system.  That central control is made up of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.  For every muscle, organ, or cell to work what must happen is this: Power must be transmitted like electricity from the brain down the spinal cord over the nerves to the muscle or organ.  Then the muscle and organ send signals back to the brain.  This is how the parts of our body connect and work as a whole.  Imagine that communication starts to break down. How do you think our bodies respond? Do you think our bodies would build health or disease when communication is broken? Unfortunately, if connection is slowed or broken or fuzzy our bodies start to work poorly and develop illness whether we feel it right away or not.  This is how people can get a diagnosis like heart attack or cancer without always knowing its there.  What if there were a way to detect and even prevent this poor communication so the body would always have its best chance of working for us? There is.  This is what we help patients with every day.  Come in to get an fast and easy analysis of your nervous system the holistic way.  You've never experienced health care like this before! Come see what we're all about and how your life can change forever.  We welcome you and extend peace and joy this Christmas season.  Give the gift of health to your family this year.  Give the gift of life.  Give the gift of The Well!
Health and Blessings Always,
Dr. Shelby  

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