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by by Dr. Shelby Simon on March 1st, 2018

Why All Children Need Gentle Chiropractic Care

When many of us think of Chiropractic we think of adjustments of the spine to help mitigate neck or back pain.  Many of us rarely think of adjusting children. Why?  When we stop to listen; however, the body can talk to us in powerful ways and help direct us to full healing whether we are a week old or 100 years old.
So what are some ways the body would talk to a child and tell an infant they needed to be checked for spinal misalignment?  Well, lets start by addressing what spinal misalignment is.  There are 24 movable vertebrae in the spine.  These spinal bones should be in a particular alignment not just for lack of neck or back pain but for full expression of health, healing and human potential.  What does that flowery sentence mean?  It means that every organ, tissue, muscle, and cell in our body works properly and feels good when there is life and healing going to it.  The spinal misalignment, or subluxation, can interfere with our body's ability to send that information to and from the brain.   If there's a misalignment of the vertebrae that interferes with the nerve going to the heart for example, the heart will not function at its best.  If that misalignment is left there over time the heart will start to progressively break down and build disease.  This is why its best, as with any health concern, to address it as early as possible.  This is why kids need chiropractic care to be their best. 
Back to the body talking.  What are some things you can think of that a child might experience that would lead a parent to take him or her to a pediatric chiropractor?  Let's explore!  The first is colic.  Colic is defined as crying more than three hours a day for more than three days a week for three or more weeks in a row.  The cause of colic is considered unknown medically, but don't you think its possible that little baby's body is trying to communicate something? That perhaps it isn't at peace with his or her function and healing? So what can be done? Chiropractic.  Often babies who have colic have spinal subluxation near the top of their spine.  How could a little baby get a misalignment you might ask?  One word.  Birth.  If you've had the pleasure of seeing or giving birth you'll understand.  On average a baby being born has 60-80 lbs of pressure on their tiny, undeveloped neck.  This can certainly cause a subluxation.  In another sense, when babies' spines are gently checked and corrected the tension and aggravation to their nervous system is removed and they can finally rest.  Then the need for crying is no longer there.  For a parent who has had a colicky baby you'll understand what a big gift this is! Every child with colic should be checked and adjusted.  
Another way a little one's body may speak to you is inability to latch, nurse, or gain weight.  Rule of thumb is anything that isn't promoting health, development, and well being is a sign of subluxation.  Often times, those same top bones of the spine that when misaligned create irritation that can lead to colic are also the culprits for trouble nursing.  Have you ever slept wrong and couldn't turn your head all the way to one side as compared to the other? Likely you were experiencing a subluxation with muscle tension as an effect.  The same thing can happen to your child.  If they have a subluxation in their neck and its not corrected not only will they not be able to nurse, but that decrease in nervous system communication can lead to many more health concerns down the line like ear infection, allergies, trouble learning and concentrating, low immune system (more likely to get colds, flu, cancer), and lower resistance to mental or emotional stress to boot.  Just as with colic, all children showing signs of nursing trouble should be checked and adjusted by a pediatric chiropractor.
Although there are many more examples, the last one I'll address here is digestion/elimination.  A child who has an upset tummy, is having diarrhea, or constipation is very likely displaying effects of a subluxation.  Unlike the first two, sometimes a lower spinal bone is misaligned with this warning signal.  Some people will tell parents it is normal if their child doesn't have a bowel movement in a couple days.  This is not normal.  Food in waste out is a natural and normal process.  If food is going in daily waste should be eliminated daily.  Another common way the body talks to babies is reflux.  A baby who is experiencing reflux, especially when getting the proper nourishment is a sure sign of subluxation.  When the body cannot digest food properly not only will the child experience an unpleasant symptom but he or she will not be growing and developing properly.  Food is how our body makes new cells and grows.  Without it the body may not reach its full potential.  A prominent Nutritional Therapist that works with our practice members at The Well often reminds me and the rest; its not that you are what you eat, but you are what you digest!  
If your child or a child you know is suffering from an effect of subluxation, please call us and schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Shelby.  Give your kids their best chance.  Choose Chiropractic.  Choose Life.

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